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Benefits of RAD Methodologies:

The indisputable benefits of RAD Methodologies are limited in terms of speeding up a software development process.  The physical development process has, at its core, an inherent bottleneck.  This bottleneck is the actual software development tools of choice.

Using traditional development tools to build systems, results in thousands of lines of code.  This consumes significant time and review of the code generated.  Fixing bugs, which requires combing through line-after-line of code, becomes very laborious.  The complexity and time increase tenfold through inevitable personnel turnover, where new staff have to immerse themselves in code written by previous staff.

RAD tools, particularly the latest “zero-code” tools, eliminate a very significant part of these time-consuming activities.  This resolves the bulk of the bottleneck caused by traditional software development tools.  When implemented correctly, RAD tools reduce time, cost, error and losses caused by delayed time-to-market on a massive scale.

Why JustSolve became an Outsystems Partner?

There are more than 40 low/zero code RAD Tools in the market to choose between.  It is not easy to separate the best from the average solutions. For this reason, companies like Forrester Research, do regular studies based on scientific criteria to assist decision making.  These criteria are used to sift the top players from the rest of the market. The Forrester Wave™ places OutSystems as leader in both Mobile Low-Code Development Platforms, as well as general purpose Low-Code Development Platforms – see link below:
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Mobile Low-Code

The Forrester Wave™: Mobile Low-Code Development Platforms, Q1 17
General Purpose Low-Code

The Forrester Wave™: Low-Code Development Platforms, Q2 16


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