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Agile Development Platform – Outsystems

Learn more about the platform we use called OutSystems.

The problem

We see the business developing new business models via fail-fast concepts and optimizing these models via an agile approach, with full focus on the user. This causes more and more initiatives to be developed in this way, and more and more projects to move away from the waterfall approach. This is partially why many new initiatives happen with much smaller budgets compared to a few years ago.

With the agile approach, the business enters into continuous improvement cycles. Based on the project successes, additional budget is allocated to initiatives and there is a strong focus on the value that is being added continuously. In that sense, real innovation comes from these new paradigms. The right stakeholders take charge of such processes and there is much better control over these smaller projects.

What about speed?

Low-code development platforms that are “Best of suite” has sprung up over the years. The vision of these platforms is to avoid development traditional code, which is hard to change.

The “Best of Suite” is a fully integrated concept to create much more automated control over each step of the lifecycle, hence a faster development (build and change) cycle. Now speed and control have reached software development while serving business and IT.

For our “Best of Suite” solution partner we chose Outsystems to be our primary Agile Development Platform.

Build Web and Mobile Applications Fast

Start delivering new business innovation today. OutSystems makes it easy to build web and mobile apps that delight customers and streamline processes. Full-stack and enterprise-grade, unlock your unrealised potential and bring new solutions to market in a fraction of the time (and cost).

Beautiful User Experiences

From desktop browsers to companion apps running on tablets and mobile phones, build beautiful omni-channel experiences that perform great on any platform and device. OutSystems gives you the best of both worlds with drag-and-drop simplicity or your own UI code to easily create pixel perfect experiences your users will love.

Faster Than Rapid – Full-Stack Development

With visual models, building new enterprise applications is faster than fast. Save time and money by wrapping and incorporating existing code or accelerate your projects with hundreds of pre-built, reusable components from the OutSystems community.

Integrate your Ecosystem

Unlock your solutions with pre-built connectors to CRM and ERP systems like SAP and Salesforce. Quickly build and share your own reusable connectors to any system. Easily incorporate data internally or from external cloud providers and orchestrate everything with visual workflow and business logic.

Continuous Delivery

Now your apps can change as fast as your business. OutSystems helps you manage the entire life cycle of your app from design, development, testing, deployment and monitoring.

Fits Your Process

In addition to the Outsystems agile project management solution, Outsystems also provides connectors to leading tools like JIRA and Rally, and APIs to integrate with your ALM platform.

Identity Management

You can easily tie your identity management systems to the Outsystems governance model.


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